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The world of work is not what it used to be and will continue to become more difficult to navigate come the aftermath of C19. If you are not under 26 years old or do not fit criteria for career support, it can be difficult for individuals to gain the right experience or advice and support.

The Harvest Crunch is a pilot project run initially as a closed membership forum, for the first year. It is based on the principles of 'Lift as you Rise', outlined below.

The forum will match individuals seeking free career support with an established professional who can offer development opportunities such as career advice, technical advice, mentoring, work experience or networking opportunities.

Those offering support will be 'Professionals' and those receiving career support will be 'Progressing' with The Harvest Crunch.

Watch this space!

Why might a skilled person need help entering a profession or navigating their career path?

  • divorce/separation

  • Brexit

  • Covid pandemic

  • well-managed long term health condition

  • recently recovered from an illness or accident

  • challenging socio-economic background

  • injury to confidence e.g. victim of crime, bereavement, etc

  • parent returning to work


Our sentiments exactly!

Former CEO of Business Leadership South Africa, Bonang Mohale, explains the concept of Lift as you Rise.

The Harvest Crunch is based on the very same principles that Bonang is passionate about: -

  1. Transformation   

  2. People Development  

  3. Constructive Collaboration

  4. Integrity

The Harvest Crunch!: Video
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