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Our approach to working with you

Harvest brings the latest workplace evidence, workforce modelling data and modern best practice to bring about sustainable productivity solutions via your staff.

Experienced in using psychological evidence, cultural intelligence and engagement strategies to help you create attractive working environments for quality staff. 

We are focused on human needs and human behaviours and have a wide range of experience leading large scale staff change programs and organisational restructures.

We work with you as partners, equals and experts in your own business. We will build on what you know is already good about your organisation and help you to improve;

  • Workplace culture

  • Individual and team performance

  • Overall productivity

We are champions of inclusion and believe that it is ones unique skills and core values that make us distinct and valuable - as an individual or as an individual organisation.

We are trained and experienced in a number of areas relating to equality, diversity and inclusion. Harvest is disability aware.

Harvest are environmentally conscious and take a holistic approach to organisations dealing with social and environmental change.

Covid Considered - Be assured to know that we are trained by the NHS in Workplace Health and Safety, which includes Work Place Infection Prevention and Infection Control.

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