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The New Work Order: Welcome

The New Work Order

Harvest will help you implement effective Organisational Development initiatives which support the natural integrity of your business.

Pandemics force us to imagine a new, reshaped, more resilient future. Pandemics are not the only future disruptors.

How do we reshape the ways that we work to become more future-proof?

In the wake of Covid, we now face workplace challenges that, for many, do not actually involve a 'work place' anymore.

Remote working had been increasing as a major step-change in the way we do business. However, when people cannot physically be with the other people they work with, we start to see impacts across the following;

  • Effective management of teams and individuals

  • Effective management of self and own workload

  • Interpersonal interactions – biofeedback, reading non-verbal communications

  • You cannot be, what you cannot see - the end of learning by osmosis

  • Good health and well being – Where does the duty of care now sit, if staff are sitting at home?

  • The challenges of on-line learning

  • Recruiting the right people

These factors require consideration now, more than ever, in managing your people programmes and projects.

The New Work Order: Welcome
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