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Organisational Development Consultancy, People Programmes and Workplace Culture 

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Protecting your future organisation

Developing Effective Top Teams

Mergers & Workplace Transformation

Meaningful Inclusion, valuing Diversity, embedding Equity

Scaling Up/ Start Ups

Complex Strategy & Cultures

Culture Challenges

High Performance

Flexible and Remote Working

Harvest offers expert organisational development (OD) services, helping you grow your business by harvesting the talents of your people.

We can work on bespoke stand-alone projects or complex transitional work, as well as short to long term organisational change programs.

We bring 20 years of OD and people strategy expertise gained across the public sector, private enterprise and not-for-profit organisations. We are highly experienced in large scale organisational change at a national and regional level and would like to share our expertise with those that need us the most.

We can produce tailored Organisational Development: -

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Transitional Change support

  • Design and Implementation

  • Review, Analysis and Action Planning

  • Training and Development

Harvest can work in partnership with your existing Project teams, HR team, Communications team and IT departments to implement the best solutions for your organisation.

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Harvesting Better Performance

Loraine Welch

Organisational Development Consultant

​Accomplished professional with extensive experience in aligning innovative programmes with strategic objectives, fostering resilience, and empowering organisations for sustainable success in complex environments.

An experienced project manager and People Programmes manager, so understands first-hand, the pressures faced by organisations and their staff.

Demonstrated expertise in strategic planning, change management, and leadership development.

Adept at diagnosing organisational needs and designing tailored interventions that optimise performance and nurture a culture of continuous improvement.

Recognised for collaborative leadership, guiding teams through complex transitions and implementing innovative solutions to enhance efficiency, employee engagement, and bottom-line results.

Adept in diagnosing complex challenges, devising robust strategies, and orchestrating multifaceted initiatives to drive sustainable growth.

​A qualified change manager and naturally strategic thinker, with a proven track record of devising workforce initiatives that reap holistic and positive performance results across multidisciplinary organisations.

​My practice takes a human factors approach and encourages the neutral performance management of human resources to maximise the productivity and attractiveness of work places. I offer a unique perspective on how we can create productive and resilient workplace models.

​A certificated mentor for young learners through her work with The Girls Network. This work consistently gives insight into the shape of our future workforces.

​A wealth of organisational development knowledge and a clear understanding of how smart employers can benefit from thinking more laterally about the recruitment, development and retention of their human resources.

With almost 20 years’ experience in high-pressure Public-Sector commissioning organisations, I have worked collaboratively with high profile CEO’s, Governing Bodies and Executive teams in politically sensitive environments.

My educational background is in media and modes of messaging. My BA (Hons) in Media Production Management securing my interests, early on, in both the power of messaging and the innate power of people.

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